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LINK to an interview with The Red Shtick about my teen comedy Feels So Good

LINK to an interview with Authorlink about my book Incarnate and other projects

LINK to an interview with Retro Slashers about Sorority Row

LINK to my Huffington Post Article about Conception and "Making Love"

LINK to my interview with Tribeca Films about our movie Conception

LINK to the Fast Company article about Michael Eisner's Vuguru studio and the making of Crawlspace

LINK to Movie Cultists article about the release of our film Conception

LINK to Pop Matters listing of Sorority Row as the #1 Guilty Pleasure movie of 2009

LINK to Josh Stolberg's IMDb Page

LINK to Jim Cirile's very good article about the WGA Arbitration system -- "The Good, The Bad and the Ugly"

LINK to 3 Question Interview with Hollywood Bound and Down website

LINK to a very, very funny "spoof review" of my film Piranha 3D by Prosanta Chakrabarty and William Fink where they talk about the film as if it were a documentary

LINK to a silly blog post on Bloody-Disgusting about my music choices of 2011.  

LINK to the Bloody-Disgusting post showcasing a scene from Crawlspace with David Koechner and Steven Weber

LINK to Crave Online article about the making of my movie Conception and other info (including To Catch a Thief)

LINK to a conversation I had with Cinema Without Borders about my film Conception

LINK to a conversation with Scream It Out Loud about Piranha 3D and Sorority Row

Interview with Movie Buzzers about making small indie movies (and Conception)



LINKS to stuff that has nothing to do with me but I LOVE:

LINK to Josh Olson's really funny blog for Village Voice called "I Will Not Read Your Fucking Script"